Ten Reasons to Shop at Soho

(in no particular order…)

– We give back to our community; after all, we live here.

– We evaluate the quality of our merchandise so you don’t have to.

– Small store, Huge selection. We carry over 75 lines, making your options nearly endless.

– We’re family-owned, & if you hang around long enough you’ll meet every one of us, first, second, third, and even fourth generations.

– Phenomenal customer service: we take doing business personally (yes, that normally would be an oxymoron).

– Since 1968 we’ve gained tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

– We pride ourselves in KNOWING furniture, not just selling it, so you can make educated choices & exciting, confident purchases.

– You crave style, individuality, creativity, & pure design.

– Buying local is vital to preserving the uniqueness of who we are as a community & protecting the backbone of our economy. For every dollar consumers spend at a chain store, just 15 cents gets recirculated locally. That compares with more than 45 cents for every dollar spent at a locally-owned retailer.

– Made in the USA: selling American-made goods is our utmost priority.