Spring 2020 Window

Walk by our window at beautiful Westboro Mart! Springtime treats you right in this unique nook in our amazing capital city. #iamtopeka #interiordesign #macklynart

“Music is the space between the notes.” Claude Debussy
How do you amplify the joy you receive from each piece in your arrangement? Thoughts on what made this simple display flow…

“The Javelin Thrower” by Mack Schroer is a stunning composition. The artist painted this of his friend during a pivotal moment in his career. The athlete’s face and vivid color speak to us. The moral if the story? Flee from hanging the generic on your walls. Life is too short.

The Zion sofa by Lazar Industries is the silence that allows our eye to rest. Give room for the simple when you decorate or your environment will fight itself and wear you out.

The steel and walnut floor lamp by Trica Furniture is tall and straight. It not only frames the space that holds the art and sofa, but also reflects the feeling the javelin thrower portrays.


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